For treatment of muscular dysfunction in the jaw
Used with great success in Swedish health care

Effective, yet easy to use

JawTrainer™ is a training device used by the professional therapist as well as by the patients themselves. It is easy to use and produces fast and noticeable results.

Use the JawTrainer for prophylactic and rehabilitative training of the jaw's muscles in case of spasms and pain, dysphagia, stroke, muscle stiffness, headache, stress, trigenimus neuralgia.
Recommended for prevention and treatment of radiation induced trismus (lockjaw).

The training and stretching of the jaw improves mobility and the function of nerves, joints, cartilage, tendons and muscles.
Relief can be experienced not only in the facial area but also in the neck and shoulders.

Material och maintenance
JawTrainer™ is made by FDA approved polypropylene and elastic silicone band. The materials do not cause any known allergic reaction and are recyclable.
Clean with water and detergent. Store at room temperature.

A Swedish invention

JawTrainer™ is developed by Acute Medic Company of Sweden (AMC). It has been used in Swedish health care for many years and is highly recommended by dentists, maxillofacial surgeons, oral surgeons, speech pathologists, stomatognathic physiologists and oncologists specialized in treatment of the head and neck.

Antimicrobial bite protection

The antimicrobial bite protection of JawTrainer™ provides a stable surface for the teeth and also protects the tooth surface during the exercise.
The bite protection is custom made by synthetic rubber put through an antimicrobial procedure which prevents growth of fungus, mold and harmful bacteria. The antimicrobial protection is effective throughout the product's entire lifespan. JawTrainer™ does not protect the user from harmful micro organisms spread through i.e. food or humans

Protects the surface of the users teeth
Stabilizes/fixates the abutment surface of the teeth.
Antimicrobial protection prevents growth of fungus, mold and hamrful bacteria.
Soft, elastic and durable.
Easy-to-spot light blue color.

Material and maintenance

Synthetic rubber put through an antimicrobal procedure.
Does not contain natural latex.
Recycable & Biodegradable.
The materials do not cause any known allergic reactions.
Clean with water and detergent. Store at room temperature.